Monday, March 3, 2014

Saudade | The love that remains

Saudade, like the Portuguese word is hard to define. It's more than an online shop, more than curated goods and more than a collaborative design studio. It is the love and appreciation for Portuguese artisanal creations of  Pedro da Costa Felgueiras that lives in London and keeps coming back to his roots in search of materials and products. It's the concern for quality, colour, form and this strange nostalgic felling that's somehow lodged into the object itself

One of my  favourite pieces is this wooden cyclist with a bell because me and my brothers actually had one growing up and I love the sound that it makes. I also really like this collaborative piece between Pedro da Costa Felgueiras and The New Craftsmen made from natural cork and lined with 24 carat gold. 

From ceramics to toys you can see the beginning of the project and its meaning in this Amber Rowlands's small film for Hole&Coner magazine called "The Story of Saudade". Btw, with music by Dead Combo.

You can check out their Facebook  page here.

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