Friday, March 7, 2014

Places | 59 Rivoli

I finally got around to go to 59 Rivoli! And it's an amazing place!

The story goes like this :
On November 1 1999 a group of 3 artists called the KGB (Kalex, Gaspard, Bruno) decided to take over one abandoned building on number 59 of rue de Rivoli. They opened the cemented main door, cleaned the space and created a new place for artists to work. The french government didn't really liked the idea and decided to close the squat and evict the artists. Well, somehow and with the interest of the media, the government lets the matter rest for several years until finally the new appointed mayor of Paris at the time visited the squad love it and made it legal. The city acquired the building from the government, it was completed renovated and now it welcomes artists for residencies and the general public.

There are 20 permanent artists, but 10 studio spaces are in constant rotation with residencies that go from 3 to 6 months. Each studio is unique and you can see art that ranges from sculptures and paintings to rag dolls and articulated puppets. All of this and a gallery on the first floor is open to the public from 1pm till 7pm. Artists are amazingly nice and talented and it's really worth visiting.

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