Thursday, March 20, 2014

Art Files No. 2 | Lernert & Sander

I had to put this in here as soon as I saw it. Maybe most of you already know the Dutch creative duo Lernet & Sander but sometimes I don't discover things until everyone has talked about it so give me a break. I'm completely and utterly infatuated with their art/design/advertising work especially when they create anything fashion related. Explore their site and projects to the maximum if you can because it's worth it, but just for fun here it is the Everything project, the window display done for Selfridges and the really fun video they made for Wallpaper.

Everything. | "Everything is a perfume by Lernert & Sander consisting of all fragrances launched in 2012.
Over the last year Lernert & Sander collected almost 1400 samples of newly launched fragrances. By mixing the content of all of these bottles, they created 1.5 liter of Everything. This unique perfume comes in a specially designed and hand blown bottle, an enlargement of a classic sample bottle."

Selfridges | "To help celebrate the launch of their epic new Shoe Galleries, Selfridges called on us to create 11 sculptural installations that take iconic shoe design to surreal extremes. We have taken the most mundane of household domestic appliances and comedically refashioned  them into divine creations. A humorous take on fashion as an ideal escape from the daily grind."

Handmade | "We were asked to create a film about bespoke tailoring for the Handmade issue of Wallpaper*. They hooked us up with the famous italian tailors of Brioni. We came up with the idea that a hand would be the ultimate customer to prove the skills and craftmanship of a brand as Brioni."

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