Saturday, March 1, 2014

Art Files No. 1 | Pae White

I'm currently in love with Los Angeles based artist Pae White and her beautiful installations. 
Born in 1963 in Passadena, Pae challenges the viewer's perception and acuity by using everyday objects and materials to create different illusions.
One of my favourite pieces in result and process is "Metalfoil", a gigantic curtain made for the Oslo Opera House with a computerized loom. Although is looks like an intricate 3D aluminium sculpture from a far, it's actually possible to see the threading up close on this amazing piece of art made out of cotton, wool and polyester. 

According to White "My goal is to cause viewers to stop and consider the bits and pieces of our lives that are most often overlooked, perhaps suggesting a more comprehensive reconsideration of the world around us, even to ask ourselves: What is important to us? What are we seeing? What are we not seeing?"

Popcorn made from porcelain and gold glaze installation2011
Genau or Never intallation with 540 neon tubes | 2014

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