Monday, February 17, 2014

CV for a Bidonville

During this week I was working non-stop in a week-long workshop with PEROU, and, after the final presentation yesterday, I rushed to get to the airport and catch my flight to Porto (glad that's all over now). PEROU - Pôle D'Exploration Des Ressources Urbaines, is an organisation in Paris that focuses on creating better living conditions and resources for people in precarious situations, like the Romanian refugees that live in La Folie, a bidonville (slum) right outside of Paris in the small town of Grigny.
I still have to take photos of the final results from the workshop and write about the whole process, but for now I'll just post some photos from the first day in the bidonville, where we interviewed some families about their difficulties in getting a stable job in France, or getting a job at all. 

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